1. Fees are to be paid in ADVANCE ON MONDAY OF EACH WEEK.  After Monday 6:30 pm there will be a $20.00 LATE CHARGE, on Wednesday a $40.00 LATE CHARGE,  Thursday $60.00, Friday $80.00.
  2. THREE DAYS of care constitutes a FULL WEEK and a FULL WEEKS TUITION MUST BE PAID.  Any care less than three days will be computed on a daily basis.  If FULL TUITION is paid and the child is here for less than three days, credit will be given on the next weeks care.
  3. All fees are computed on a Monday through Friday basis of each individual week.
  4. REGISTRATION FEE is NON REFUNDABLE.  It is renewable every September 1st.
  5. If a child is absent for TWO WEEKS without notification, he will be dropped from the roll and will lose his place on the roll. A $40.00 RETAINER FEE will hold your child’s place on the roll.
  6. There is a $35.00 SERVICE CHARGE on all returned checks, plus any bank charges.  After three returned checks, you will be asked to pay by either CASH or MONEY ORDER.
  7. A 5% DISCOUNT is given on the second child’s regular weekly rate and an additional 5% DISCOUNT is offered to those who want to pay for cash without a receipt.
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