About Us

About Us
Early Years Child CareThe Early Years of one’s childhood only happens once in a lifetime.  We at the R&R@R Reading Club believe that we need to make each one of those moments count.  These years are the stepping-stones to what can be a healthy and loving life.  A child learns more between birth and the age of six than he or she learns in their entire lifetime.  This is a crucial time when their foundation is created.Our philosophies:Comfort

  • Smile and welcome the child – every child is exceptional.
  • Show the child how special he/she is – instill confidence at an early age.
  • Spend quality time with each child – give every child the much needed attention.
  • Create a loving atmosphere – encourage friendships.


  • Let the kids find out what they like to read with the guild from us
  • Let the child find the activities that he/she feels comfortable with – provide a wide selection of mind games and puzzles that promote problem solving.
  • Encourage the children to play together and interact with one another – provide group games, board games, and playground structures that advance communal play.
  • Promote sharing and cooperation – teach the children to play together and learn from each other.


  • Our staffs listen to your children and show them the utmost respect – we believe that education should evoke communication.
  • Read to the children, talk to the children, sing to the children – engage the children in different mediums to continual motivate their attention.
  • Always bare love, caring and kindness to everyone at the daycare – a loving environment is a good learning environment.
  • Express emotions and feelings through drama and movement – help the child develop acuity in responding to non-verbal communication and promote mutual consideration and artistic growth.

Our Services includes:

  • Innovative reading programs which allow children to explore and discover the joy of reading, learning in a safe, caring and friendly environment.
  • Flexible, full day or half day daycare programs offered with lunch.
  • Summer and Winter Camp Programs
  • Playground and Party rooms Facilities
  • Seasonal extended operation hours to provide families with childcare solutions for the areas of Richmond Hill and nearby areas and able to accommodate their busy lifestyles.
  • Fun, educational and recreational extra-curricular activities such as Music, Drawing are offered daily and kids’ product can be produced and given to parents if needed
  • Stimulating Before and After School Programs, Homework,Reading and Tutoring are offered to children 6-12 years of age
  • Fresh, Nutritious Meals are prepared daily by the club’s chef. We offer breakfast, lunch and two snacks per day. Our healthy menu has been designed through consultation by a Health dietician and meets the Canada Food Guidelines criteria.
  • Peanut-free and sea shell-free environment

At the R&R@R Reading Club we strive to facilitate exceptional service and education to help families and their children achieve their goals.

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