List of forms:

All forms are provided in two formats:

.docx can be opened using Microsoft’s Word 2007 and up, if you are using 2003 version, you can download a convertible patch from Microsoft to convert the .docx to .doc so your low version can open it:

.pdf can be opened using Adobe’s Acrobat Reader downloadable here:

1.  Service List

3R11-PD-SL-F1: Service list (.docx)

3R11-PD-SL-F2: Service list (.pdf)

2. Registration Forms

3R11-PD-RF-F1: RegistrationForm(.docx)

3R11-PD-RF-F2: RegistrationForm(.pdf)

3. Temporary Registration Forms

3R11-PD-TRF-F1: registration form for parents (temporary childcare) (.DOCX)

3R11-PD-TRF-F2: registration form for parents (temporary childcare) (.PDF)

4. Pre-Registration Forms

3R11-PD-PRF-F1: Pre-RegistrationForm(.PDF)

3R11-PD-PRF-F2: Pre-RegistrationForm(.DOCX)

5. Employment Application Forms

3R11-PD-EAF-F1: 3RReadingClubJobApplicationForm (.DOCX)

3R11-PD-EAF-F2: 3RReadingClubJobApplicationForm (.PDF)

6. Program Fees (see staff please)

7. Subsidy/Allowance Application Forms

3R11-PD-SAF-F13RSubsidyApplicationForm (.DOCX)

3R11-PD-SAF-F2: 3RSubsidyApplicationForm (.PDF)

8. Meal Plan

3R11-PD-MP-F1: 3RMealPlan (.DOCX)

3R11-PD-MP-F23RMealPlan (.PDF)

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